We are a municipal water system supplied by Benton / Washington County Water Association (Two-Ton). We have a 2.5 million dollar Waste Water Treatment Plant that was completed in 1984, and a 500,000 gallon water storage tank that was completed in 1993.

Water / Sewer Superintendent:
Ken Hayes
P.O. Box 29
885 North Curtis
Pea Ridge, AR 72751
(479) 451-1109

Billing Office:
P.O. Box 29
885 North Curtis
Pea Ridge, AR 72751
(479) 451-1109
Fax (479) 358-9892

Pay Your Water Bill Online!

You can now pay your water bill online and access several other convenient features:

  • New statement email alerts
  • Payment due reminders
  • Pay Any time, Any where
  • Avoid late fees
  • Auto-pay options

Make Your Payments
Online at payclix.com:


Water and Sewer Rates

A deposit is required on all new accounts.

Water Only: $50.00
Water and Sewer: $75.00
Rental Property
Water Only – $100
Water and Sewer – $125
Water Only: $150.00
Water and Sewer: $175.00

(Plus a $35.00 Service Fee)

Documents & Forms Downloads

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